• The Choice

    by Ronak Savla | May 5th, 2022

    It was the month of August 2020, when I finally decided to pursue an MBA. Before going further, allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I am an architect who is passionate about design and I have worked as an academic in an architecture school. I loved my job as I had the freedom to execute new ideas, but I was not happy with its progression financially. Pursuing higher education in business a

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  • A Conversation with Ms Lulu Raghavan: 11 Takeaways

    by Vinit Surana | Apr 28th, 2022

    “The arc of your day is the arc of your life” – Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director of Landor & Fitch India

    We were privileged to host Ms Lulu Raghavan at BITSoM for our first ever offline leadership talk. From her schooling, liberal arts education abroad and MBA in India, to her first job and how she fell in love with branding — the conversation covered it all. She also spoke abou

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  • Being a Part of the Design - Prof. Shankkar Aiyar in conversation with Gurucharan R

    by Gurucharan R | Apr 20th, 2022

    This is a transcript of Prof Shankkar Aiyar’s interview by our founding class student, Gurucharan. Prof Shankkar Aiyar is a prominent India-based political economy analyst, columnist, and author. He is a visiting faculty at BITSoM and teaches Politonomics

    Why does knowing public policy matter for MB

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  • Cracking the Essay Code

    by Arushi Pandey, Supriya Kamath, Pragya Sharaf, Nandini Malhotra, Manvi Singh and Meghashree Kar | Mar 8th, 2022

    An MBA (Master of Business Administration) school application journey can be daunting with multiple elements to work upon. The one element that takes the biggest chunk of time is drafting essays. These essays give the admission committee qualitative cues to gauge the applicant’s persona that goes beyond academics and work experience, to reveal the true motivation,

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  • Marketing Management: A Myth-Busting Eye-Opener

    by Abhiroop Mattiyil & Supriya Kamath | Feb 21st, 2022

    It would be an understatement to say that the Marketing Management course at BITSoM was a myth-buster. It was an eye-opener from the outset, challenging our traditional perceptions of marketing and making us see the subject in a whole new light. Whether it was the concept of marketing itself or Professor's new addition to the 4 business orientations — the ‘income statement orientation’

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  • Will applying in Round 3 put me at a disadvantage?

    by The BITSoM Admissions Team | Feb 21st, 2022

    As a Round 3 BITSoM MBA applicant, one important question you may have is whether applying in R3 puts you at a disadvantage.

    Simply put, no you are not at a disadvantage.

    Now coming to the detailed answer,

    The BITSoM admissions committee is entrusted with not only selecting competent candidates, but also with putting together a diverse cohort with the be

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  • Navigating Decisions Under Uncertainty with Ziv Katalan

    by Supriya Kamath | Nov 30th, 2021

    What if we told you that with just an Excel Sheet, a couple of simple add-ins, and a Java-based graphing applet, you can take trips across India — from the Northeast to Kanyakumari – and across domains – from

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