mba programme

Key features of the course

  • Business

  • Strategy

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Operations

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Economics

  • Distinctive

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Finance and Investing

  • Ecommerce and Digital Leadership

  • Leadership and Strategy

  • Marketing and Consumer Insights

  • Transformative

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Design Thinking

  • Data Science and Analytics

  • Winning at
    the Workplace

  • Workplace Essentials

  • Life Skills

  • Global Perspectives

  • Contextual Perspectives


Programme Structure

Core courses in Year 1

  • Course Name
  • Faculty
  • Area
Term 1
Business Statistics - Analytics and Data Science
Marketing Management - Marketing
Organizational Behaviour Luis Martins Leadership
Financial Accounting & Decision Making Mark Finn Finance
Operations Management Vera Tilson Operations
Competitive and Corporate Strategy - Strategy
Term 2
Microeconomics Shamika Ravi Economics
Decision Models and Uncertainty Ziv Katalan Strategy
Entrepreneurship Foundations Gerry George Entrepreneurship
Finance for Global Corporations Milind Shrikhande Finance
Consumer Behaviour Raj Raghunathan Marketing
Business Drivers of Industry Dan Gode Strategy
Term 3
Digital Business and Innovation Soumitra Dutta Innovation
Global Rules of the Game - Strategy
Design Thinking Ranjan Banerjee Innovation
Government, Society and Business A K Shiva Kumar Strategy
Negotiations Analysis Abhijeet Vadera Leadership
Marketing Research and Methods Cait Lamberton Marketing
Entrepreneurship and Innovation ENTI
Finance and Investing FINI
Ecommerce and Digital Leadership ECOM
Leadership and Strategy LSTR
Marketing and Consumer Insights MKTG

Core courses in Year 2

  • Course Name
  • Faculty
  • Area
Term 4
Scaling Ventures* - ENTI, ECOM, LSTR
Corporate Finance II* Sudip Gupta FINI
International Marketing - MKTG, ENTI, ECOM
Corporate Law* - FINI, LSTR
Operations Management Vera Tilson Operations
Competitive and Corporate Strategy - Strategy
Account Based Marketing - ENTI, MKTG
Business Problem Solving - LSTR
Business Analytics Sandeep Chandukala Mandatory course
Leveraging AI for Business Success and Societal Good Kashyap Kompella Mandatory course
Term 5
Data, Visualisation and storytelling - Mandatory course
Digital Strategies for Business Nish Bhutani LSTR, MKTG, ECOM, ENTI
Crafting and Delivering Services* Kapil Tuli ENTI, MKTG, ECOM, LSTR
Advanced Marketing Strategy* Nirmalya Kumar ECOM, LSTR, MKTG
Entrepreneurial Finance and Fundraising* Amit Bubna ENTI, FINI
Sales and Distribution* - ENTI, ECOM, MKTG
Investment Management* Milind Shrikhande FINI
Pricing and Revenue Optimization* - ECOM, MKTG
Mergers & acquisitions - FINI, LSTR
International Finance Reena Mitthal FINI
Strategic Brand Management* Shailendra Jain ECOM, LSTR, MKTG
Term 6
Logistics and supply chain* Ram Ganeshan ENTI, ECOM, LSTR
Money and Banking - FINI
Managing Teams and Cultures Leena Chatterjee ENTI, LSTR
Risk Management Sanjay Mithal FINI
Capital Markets and Investments* - FINI
Building an E-Commerce Business* - ENTI, ECOM
Non Market Strategies - ENTI, ECOM, LSTR, MKTG
Intro to FinTech: Innovations and Disruptions - ENTI, FINI
Advanced Accounting* - FINI
New Venture Creation - Bootcamp - ENTI
Organizational Change Management [OB] - LSTR
Marketing Strategy for the digital age* - ENTI, ECOM, MKTG

*Note: The elective is mandatory for specialisations marked in bold


Our two-year MBA programme is packed with courses to provide the practical skills and contextual knowledge that make a manager into a truly visionary leader, capable of wearing different hats, leading change and guiding teams.

These courses focus on competencies essential to the workplace, along with global and contextual perspectives, and provide students with learnings that stay for a lifetime.

  • Course Name
  • Faculty
Term 1
Well-being and Success Raj Raghunathan
Critical Analytical Thinking Sujit Kumar
Presentation Skills Rajeshwar Upadhyay
Smart Problem Solving Ratan Postwalla
Compelling Verbal Communication Preeti Singh
Learning how to learn/Learning agility Ranjan Banerjee
Term 2
Work Efficiency
Nitin Paranjape
Working in Teams Rajeshwar Upadhyay
Persuasive Writing Avantika Tomar
Whole Brain Thinking Sujit Kumar
Research Methods Avantika Tomar
We the People (The Indian Constituition) -
Term 3
Culture and Business -
Ethics in
Morgen Witzel
Politonomics -
Navigating Reason -
Personal Growth and Transformation Personal Growth and Transformation
Expression through Theatre Drama School Mumbai
  • Course Name
  • Faculty
Term 4
Network Science Dinesh Mehta
Diversity and Inclusion -
Effective Interpersonal Relationships Leena Chatterjee
Financial Accounting & Decision Making Finance
Operations Management Operations
Law and New Business -
Term 5
Lessons from World Literature and Cinema Rajeshwar Upadhyay
Intelligent Project Management Sayak Bhanja
Work Efficiency Essentials Nitin Paranjape
Learning to Lead Leena Chatterjee
Sociology in Theory and Practice Amrita Gupta
Sustainability, Environment and Business -
Term 6
Product Management -
Systems Thinking Manish Agarwal
Comprehensive Performance Management Ratan Postwalla
Expression through Music and Dance Leadership
Personal Branding Strategy -

*Faculty names and courses are indicative and may be changed at the sole discretion of BITSoM