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We place a great deal of value on every experience you have during your two years with us. Because learning only begins with books and classroom lectures; it continues with all-nighters for projects and late-night debates in the dining halls, in the field for an internship and at a talk by your corporate hero.

This defines our experiential approach. We’ve woven hands-on projects and industry immersion programmes into the fabric of our MBA degree programme, with the belief that your time here will be truly transformative. As you team up with your peers to achieve shared ambitions, you will build relationships that will enhance your growth potential and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

The diversity and culture of innovation at BITSoM also lead you to an extracurricular offering that is rich and varied. You will be able to bring your passions to campus, with an open calendar of cultural events that welcomes and even demands creativity and self-expression. It’s a blank canvas for you to make your own.

The thriving campus aside, there is the ever-vibrant and always-enriching experience called Mumbai adding to a truly unique B-school atmosphere.


At our current location, we offer comfortable and convenient housing close to campus. A shuttle bus service will make your daily commute comfortable.You will stay in a shared apartment with access to a kitchenette and modern amenities. The housing block has 24-hour Wi-Fi connectivity, games, leisure and laundry facilities.

Amenities - Student Residences

In-room facilities
Common amenities*
Dedicated amenities
for student residences

Each student will stay in a fully furnished, air conditioned, shared apartment.

Each apartment will have:

  • Fully furnished lounge and dining area
  • Appliances - television, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen
  • Sports - Swimming
  • Fitness - Gym
  • Entertainment - Mini theatre, games room, party hall

*The common amenities are shared with residents of the building complex

  • 24x7 warden and operations manager, round the clock security, with a doctor on call.
  • Dining facilities with breakfast & dinner included
  • Laundry, regular repair and maintenance


Play an instrument. Engage in literary debate. Celebrate Diversity. Discuss Case Studies. Make a Toast. Work on your start-up.

These are just a handful of the many eclectic student activities led by the clubs and committees in BITSoM. As a BITSoMian, you can participate in all the extra-curricular programs, organizations, performances, and forums available, to have an enriching student experience.

Whatever your current interests are, or whatever new ones you discover once on campus, BITSoM has got you covered with Professional, Arts, Culture, & Social Clubs. And if you can’t find the right club for yourself, you can even set up your own club.

Learn Every Day at BITSoM

A day in the life of a BITSoMian

ESP - Essential Skills and Perspectives | LP - Live Projects | ECA - Extra Curricular Activities. The schedule above is representative and may change subject to COVID19 protocols.