Welcome to BITSoM, the BITS School of Management, a business school for tomorrow’s leaders in the business capital of India. BITSoM is powered by the spirit of excellence and entrepreneurial culture that BITS Pilani, an Institution of Eminence, has cultivated over five decades.

Our two-year MBA programme is immersive and experiential, driven by global experts from industry and academia. Holistic in its academic breadth and wholesome in its extra-curricular scope, it is designed to bring out the best in the next generation of changemakers.

Leaders from boardrooms and classrooms have come together to create a future-focussed programme with a fresh approach to teaching and learning.

Your two years at BITSoM will equip you with all you need to ignite your passions, fuel your career pursuits, and lead the change.

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Governing Council

Our distinguished Governing Council plays a critical role as the principal advisory body of BITSoM. It provides strategic direction to the school and promotes an environment that advances a unique brand of education.

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Our faculty comprises some of the leading minds in industry and academia, hand-picked from leading international and Indian B-schools, and research institutes.

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The BITSoM MBA Programme

Our MBA programme is designed for your all-round development, giving you the edge to thrive in the modern world of management. The two-year residential MBA degree programme (1600+ hours) is focused on analytical and strategic thinking, leadership and innovation.

You choose from one of three career pathways: Corporate, Entrepreneurial and Social. Whether the C-suite is your calling or a career in public service, our MBA programme empowers you to take your passion to the next level.


Building a strong critical foundation with modules on strategy, finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, operations, quantitative methods and economics


A dynamic look at forces that are changing the world of business today: emerging technologies, data analytics and design thinking


Practical training in cognitive and interpersonal skills for effective leadership; study of the socio- economic and political forces that have shaped the face of modern business


Essential hands-on learning by developing a business plan, with mentorship from industry stalwarts


Putting classroom knowledge into action through relevant industry exposure


Tailor your MBA degree to your interests with a range of core and elective courses


Navigate real-world challenges as you roll out the year-1 business plan.


Gain specialised knowledge to help chase your passions.


Learn how data has revolutionised the way business is being done and how you too can unlock its power


Gain professional guidance to land the opportunities you dream of and launch your career to the best advantage


Learn about building businesses, product and service design, finance and fundraising, pricing and revenue optimisation, building teams and cultures of innovation, and much more


Focus on finance with an emphasis on processes and applications and investment decisions, valuation of financial assets and liabilities, risk and return, pay-out policies and risk management.


Discover the fundamentals of an ecommerce business, digital marketing and marketing technology, consumer behaviour, strategic brand management, designing the digital value chain.


Deep dive into models for managing multinational firms and subsidiaries and learn how international relations and macroeconomic factors affect strategies, structures and performance


Explore strategies to promote innovation, increase revenue, boost market penetration and establish frameworks for marketing across international boundaries and learn how to manage strategic alliances with various stakeholders



Learn how to leverage the technologies disrupting the world

Master how to analyse and derive insights from Big Data

Discover new approaches to diagnosing and solving problems

Hone cognitive and behavioural skills like critical thinking and effective communication

Understand the historical and socio-political context of business today


Get the BITSoM Advantage for your career ambitions post graduation.

  • Professional Career Advancement Team

    Be primed to ace that interview, as our careers team connects you with top-notch recruiters and helps you perfect your application toolkit.

  • A Network of 55000+ Illustrious Alumni

    The founding class gets access to a powerful network of the BITS Pilani alumni comprising corporate leaders, founders, CXOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

  • Industry Immersion Programmes

    Plunge into hands-on projects and internships with organisations built into the fabric of the programme, for a healthy dose of industry exposure even before you graduate.

  • Influential industry advisory council

    Benefit from a curriculum that is always relevant and up-to-date, with our visionary advisors who will provide insights into the evolving needs of industry. They will open doors for recruitment, too.

  • Faculty with corporate experience

    Discover more with our world-class faculty of leading industry practitioners bringing their knowledge to BITSoM through industry case studies and experiential learning methods.