A business school for tomorrow’s leaders in the heart of the business capital of India. That’s who we are: BITSoM, the BITS School of Management. BITSoM is powered by the spirit of excellence and entrepreneurial culture that BITS Pilani, an Institution of Eminence, has cultivated over five decades. Our two-year MBA degree programme is immersive, experiential and future focussed, designed by global leaders of industry and academia, for the changemakers of tomorrow. Industry experts and a world-class faculty have come together with a fresh approach to teaching and learning. From foundational business learnings to multidisciplinary competencies, diversity of learners to experienced mentors, classroom lessons to beyond-the-classroom experiences, our campus in Mumbai will be a vibrant medley of thought and action.

With imagination and innovation as two sides of the BITSoM coin, your two years here will prime you for the future you dare to dream.

The Foundations We Stand On

  • Mission - BITSoM
  • Mission

    To use holistic and future-forward pedagogy to mould visionary gamechangers and enable them to make a positive impact on the world.

  • Vision - BITSoM
  • Vision

    To redefine the paradigms of business education through evolutionary thinking and relevant knowledge, and thereby become a focal point for new age learning and leadership.

The BITSoM Identity

The BITSoM logo brings together two powerful and inspiring symbols that represent our heritage and legacy.

The Tiger
The Tiger plays a pivotal role in maintaining the balance and diversity of its ecosystem. In our context, it represents the balance between freedom and control. Much like us, the tiger is known for its unique leadership style and is also a symbol of courage and wisdom. Besides, the Tiger also represents focus – towards a vision and towards excellence.

The Rising Sun:
The rising sun, above everything else, spreads its light far and wide. It is widely known as a symbol of knowledge. It is unending and infinite, as well as cyclical, and symbolic of new beginnings.

The Bitsom Identity - BITSoM